Board Members and Committees

2019-2020 Board of Directors

  • President:  Rick Culiver
  • Vice-President: John Perkins
  • Treasurer:  
  • Secretary:  Kim Krupsaw
  • Board Members: 
    • Blake Alsman
    • Anne Rust Aurand
    • Stacey Cobb
    • Nicolas Costeur
    • John Goth
    • Gina McCalister
    • Matt Melfi
    • Jeremy Moore
    • Don Shanks
    • Carol Slow
    • Todd Titzer
    • Randy Wheeler
    • Barbara Zellerino
  • Board Attorney:  Chris Wischer
  • Executive Director: 
  • Board Member Emeritus: Dr. Charles Schneider


Design Committee – Each year at the beginning of May, you will see beautiful baskets of multi-colored dipladenia adorning our Downtown Newburgh lamp posts.

  • • Provide design education and technical assistance
  • • Develop financial assistance and incentives
  • • Plan public improvements
  • • Provide design regulation and review

Promotion Committee – Our promotion efforts for all of our events are enhanced by the efforts of the committee.

  • • Develop a business district marketing plan
  • • Enhance district’s image
  • • Provide assistance at retail events
  • • Develop special events to bring people to your district

Organizational Committee – Our events are more than fundraisers, they help highlight the best of Newburgh.  We have over 10 office volunteers and over a hundred event volunteers.

  • • Promote program to stakeholders and the community
  • • Manage staff and volunteers
  • • Raise money for activities and administration
  • • Manage the program’s finances

Economic Progress Committee – A Downtown Business Inventory Survey was conducted and our IN Main Street annual report was based on those results.  Thanks to all the businesses that participated.

  • • Collect data about district businesses and markets
  • • Develop business retention, expansion, and recruitment strategies
  • • Develop property
  • • Create incentives for businesses/property development